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2 years ago

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Recently I was at home during the week, when my wife came home with her boyfriend, wife of my friend. Both women were pretty much drink and opened another bottle, when she returned. When the Lord, I concluded that I join them for drinks. He decided after a few drinks, my wife had had enough and wants to sleep. I talked to my wife and my girlfriend enjoyed her company, and I've always been a flirt together. If our friend, let's call her Kat asked me to dance I ad a clear idea wildmaturemoms of ​​how the night had to go through. was a slow dance and I was moving my hands slowly up and down the back just enough to wildmaturemoms be easily aroused, but not too distracting when I was picking the wrong mood. I was right. Cat Lift chin and kissed. Well, I 'm in for a penny, and opened his pants. Kat was more than willing to please, and grabbed a hold of my cock extended. I pulled her top down and sucked on her wildmaturemoms tits and succeeds in doing so,undo his pants and some fingers inside her. within a minute with your juices flow through my fingers, I leaned over my bed and took her from behind. I'm not entirely clear how much of a screamer, who wanted and needed to turn it over to fuck her head and smothered with a pillow. cum save me Coule of times, but did not want caught, pulled and lifted my tail to wildmaturemoms get the cat in the mouth - that was only to find it, to take into her mouth and she was cumming as I pulled and let me cum on her tits. when cleaning the bathroom, I went upstairs to make sure that my wife was asleep - it was for luck. I never succeeded in repeating this, although we did groping quickly here and there. Kat also told me that there were wildmaturemoms 3 - to lose your virginity chromosomes mff recently we decided to have to participate in some exciting moments - if you are interested contact. hope that our bestHalves are not aware.
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